Solar WA install turnkey ‘off-grid’ solar PV systems

Off-grid Solar Systems

Remote regional areas in WA sometimes require an off grid solar PV solution to deliver the best results. Solar WA has a wealth of experience installing the necessary inverters that are required, ‘deep cycle’ off grid batteries and of course the reserve generators that are needed as a backup option. The key benefit is that it allows you to essentially have a power source, even if there are no power lines to that location.

Battery Storage Solutions

A Battery Storage Solution is a perfect choice for anyone that is currently connected to the grid however would like to utilise the battery technology to store solar energy during the day and then utilise the stored solar energy in the evenings. For the WA market, this is a great solution as the weather allows for a high number of sunny days throughout the year. We provide a full start to finish Battery Storage System and our experience in the market allows us to provide you with the knowledge to select the best technology option.

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