Cutting Edge Residential Solar Solutions From Solar WA

Solar WA look to provide the very best products and services to the Perth residential solar marketplace. Our service includes:

  • Grid connected solar system installation by an accredited electrician
  • Grid connected energy storage installation by an accredited electrician
  • First rate expert advice on solar products
  • A no deposit finance package option

Below we have outlined some of our most popular solar panel products:

JA Solar Panels

js_solarVoted Europe’s top PV band in 2016. JA Solar Holdings Co, is a leading global manufacture of high-performance solar panels. The company invest in extensive product research and development and emphasis on the efficient interconnection of the single solar cells in the module as this guarantees outstanding performance and therefore also a high performance class for all modules. This is why JA Solar panels are our preferred band.

Qcell Solar Panel

Manufactured in South Korea the Hanwha Group produces a high end premium level range of quality solar panels named ‘Qcell Panels’. Originating out of Germany, Qcell is certified by VDE which is an independent German testing organisation. During the testing phase, Qcell looks to guarantee quality with thorough testing of all its solar panels.

Due to our close relationship with Qcell Solar, we are proud to be able to supply 260W panels that comes with 12 years warranty as well as 25 years performance guarantee.

Talesun Solar Panels

The innovative premium Talesun Solar Panels are produced and manufactured in China and is currently ranking as a ‘tier 1’ by Bloomberg Energy Finance. What this means is that only 2% of solar panels are currently ranked as ‘tier 1’ in the market today. The criteria that this is based upon includes the company’s finances, major project experience, years of solar related experience, results and quality certificates.

Infinity Solar Panels

The Infinity Solar Panel range is a Chinese manufactured range of high quality, affordable solar panels. The Infinity panels have acquired a TUV, CEC and an IEC certification showing the overall quality of the range. From a return on investment point of view the Infinity Solar Panel range gives a healthy payback time frame which makes it one of the most popular panels.

SMA Solar Inverters

Our SMA Solar Inverters are considered the very best when it comes to inverter technology within the solar marketplace. The range is German manufactured and is flexible in regards to the wide range of solar products it can integrate with, which makes it the logical choice for many of Solar WA’s customers.

Fronius Solar Inverter

An Austrian manufactured solar inverter, Fronius is a very widely used brand in the Australian solar market mainly due to their brilliant efficiency. Moreover Fronius also offer a popular 10 year warranty which is available until the end of 2016.

Zeversolar Solar Inverter

Zeversolar Solar Inverters are produced in China and is considered a more affordable choice while still being highly reliable. One of the key selling points for the Zeversolar Inverter is the 5 year warranty they provide and the fact it can also be retro fitted to a battery storage solution making it a flexible option to consider.

Goodwe Solar Inverter

The Goodwe Solar Inverter range is also produced in China and is known as a popular inverter option in the Australian solar market. Again this option comes with a 5 year warranty and can also be retro fitted to a battery storage option for further flexibility.

To enquire with us today, call our customer service team at 08 9200 6170