Solar WA works with other solar related businesses.

As one of the market leaders in solar systems in WA, our team of engineers can work with other solar based businesses that are looking to sub-contract any of the engineering, solar plan design or solar system installations. Our service allows us to provide our expertise and work within your costs model ensuring a profitable partnership.

Our service includes the following:

  • full solar system design plan
  • Site visit for technical audit
  • Western Power report production if required
  • Feasibility audit report, solar product options and return on investment calculations
  • Quotations for on the grid systems
  • Quotations for off the grid systems
  • Full project management service
  • Full installation service
  • Residential solar system design and install
  • Commercial solar system design and install
  • Full completion of both Western Power and CEC compliance paperwork if required
  • Owner’s manual and FAQ’s for new systems
  • An in-depth on-site demo for customers

To enquire with us today, call our customer service team at 1300 833 145

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