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Residential & Commercial Solar Experts.

Solar WA Pty Ltd, based centrally in Perth, offer a range of solar related products and services. The core focus of Solar WA is solar panels, solar storage systems, solar system engineering design, utility approval, solar installation service for both residential customers and commercial businesses.

Solar WA are proud to offer zero deposit finance, allowing our customers to save right away.

A core value for us has been to help our customer maximise the return they receive from our products, which is why all Solar WA products have been fully checked, tested and designed to minimise costs.

The team at Solar WA always look to get our customers the best return on investment on all solar systems we install. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and as such we always provide the top of the line, well-tested solar products at affordable prices. What makes us one of Perth’s favorite solar experts is that our price will not be beaten. If you have a quote, Solar WA will beat it.
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Powerful 6kw Solar Systems

The solar trend is becoming increasingly popular all over Australia and for good reason. Modern solar systems are far easier to use and they offer better performance levels than ever before. Harnessing solar energy also has plenty of incredible benefits to users including the ability to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and live independently of government electrical sources.

The 5kW solar system has been the most popular in Australia for many years but the 6kW solar system is beginning to become just as popular. Here is why the 6kW solar system is a good option for residential and office use as well as for small commercial use;

Affordable price – The 6kW solar power system in Perth is quite affordable considering its size and performance.

Incredibly durable – Only the best quality solar panels, inverters, and battery packs are used in all of Solar WA’s products, which is exactly why our solar systems function so well. Investors can expect to receive many years of high performance from our units.

Good financial returns – When you consider your monthly electricity bill VS the down payment of this package then it is easy to see that this solar system offers good financial returns, especially when your system is fully paid off.

Suitable for most households – The 6kW solar system in Perth is suitable for most households and is specially chosen for families that are a bit above average or for offices and small businesses that require just a little bit extra performance for electrical appliances and machinery.

More details on the 6kW solar system

The 6kW solar power system in Perth includes 19 – 24 solar panels and you need about 33 – 40m2 of roof space or clear ground area for the panel installations. It is important to take note that solar panels need to be placed strategically in order to catch peek sun energy and avoid the blocking out of sunrays.

In Perth, the weather is mostly sunny and hot. Residents enjoy about 8.8 hours of sunshine a day and the solar panels enjoy peak sun levels for about 4.5 hours a day during which time most of the energy will be harvested for battery packs.

At 75% system efficiency, your solar system can produce up to 26kWh per year although you should keep in mind that plenty of factors can affect the system’s efficiency. Weather conditions such as cloudy weather can have a huge impact on the efficiency and your solar system has a much lower capability during winter months due to the colder temperature.

At Solar WA we can give you all the information you will ever need with regards to our 6kW solar system and supply you with all of the best products for this system. We can also assist with installation as we have a professional solar installation team that includes an engineer who can come to your location to evaluate your exact energy requirements.

Once we’ve confirmed that a 6kW solar system will adequately meet your energy requirements, we can get to work on installing the system. All projects we carry out are signed off by a certified electrician to ensure that your system will run at optimal levels of efficiency and safety.

For more information on the best 6kW solar systems, please give us a call on 08 920 06170 or fill out our online form and we will get back to you.

Solar WA is a solar panel company based in Perth that sells residential & commercial solar systems. Our solutions cover both energy & water heating, as well as off-grid solutions. Check out our website for great prices on solar systems.

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  Please get in touch with our customer service team today Perth Office 08 9200 6170, Kalgoorlie Office 08 9200 6170, Busselton Office 08 9717 6868, Mandurah Office 08 9511 1198.


  • Energy storage council
  • Master Builders
  • Solar council
  • Clean energy council


Solar WA’s mission is to help our customers, both residential and commercial, to lower their power bills through advanced solar technology and reliable, extensively tested solar products. Solar WA only uses Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar installers.

Solar is our passion and our team of expert engineers work very hard researching the best solar products that are on the market today, while paying close attention to affordable pricing and ensuring warranty conditions meets our high standards.

Once one of our customers has decided upon their solar system, this is where our team of qualified solar engineers really comes into play as we will help you customise and tailor your system to get the most out of it.

Upon installation, our fully accredited electrician will complete the install in full from wiring to connecting the inverters. Ensuring your solar system is installed by a fully accredited engineer is essential to ensure quality work is performed.