Professional Commercial Solar System Solutions

As well as offering a wide range of residential services, Solar WA provides WA businesses with the following commercial solar services:

  • An in-depth solar ‘feasibility’ audit that provides your business with a full solar system design, energy usage calculations and return on investment time frame.
  • Secure Western Power as well as retailer approvals.
  • Full solar system install to pre-approved plan.
  • A no deposit commercial finance option. Commercial finance with as low as 6% interest rate.
  • Full energy audit and ROI schedule

Commercial Solar Systems

One of the key differences between a residential solar system and a commercial solar system is a commercial system will require a feasibility audit from one of our solar experts. The feasibility audit allows Solar WA to calculate the current energy consumption vs the outputs from the recommended sized solar system to deliver the best return on investment for our customers.

Furthermore, for any solar systems that we install that are above 30kW, we will need to provide Western Power with an in-depth engineering plan. One of the key benefits of Solar WA in this area is our experience with managing many large commercial projects allowing us to take a project from initial plan to completion.

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Commercial Solar Panels Perth

Are you considering switching your business over to solar energy? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Solar WA is the leading supplier of commercial solar panels in Perth and we also assist with a number of additional services including the following;

  • In-depth solar audit – Our solar experts can schedule an appointment for a day and time where we can call out to your premises and evaluate your specific energy requirements. We will calculate your required energy usage and provide you with a solar system design that will enable you tomaximise reture on investment saving the business thousands per year on energy costs.Alternatively, our solar experts can assist with partial solar solutions to help your business become a lot more efficient so you can save a lot of money on energy consumption. We can also calculate your return on investment time frame so you will know exactly how much money you will be saving in the long run.
  • Solar system installations – We can do a full commercial solar installation in Perth. Our team consists of a qualified engineer and electricians who will ensure that your solar system is installed correctly and functions perfectly so your business can perform at optimal efficiency at all times.
  • Financial options – We provide commercial finance and request no deposit for our finance solutions. This makes it much easier for businesses to make the switch with no large capital investment requirements from your side.
  • Western Power engineering plans – For solar system installations that exceed 30KW we can provide an in-depth engineering plan for Western Power so your business can function perfectly legally.

We can handle small to large solar system projects

At Solar WA we are incredibly flexible and can provide small businesses with options from 3KW solar systems and solar hot water systems all the way to systems that exceed 30KW. Our biggest pride as solar experts is the fact that we are fully capable and experienced in handling large solar projects from the initial planning all the way to completion.

The key difference between general residential solar installations and installing commercial solar panels in Perth is that we will have to conduct a feasibility audit which allows us to calculate your current energy consumption so we can provide you with the correct recommended solar system as well as a return on investment time frame.

Our feasibility audit makes it much easier for businesses to see exactly how much the solar system will cost on a monthly basis.

Incredible benefits of switching your business over to solar energy

If you are wondering if commercial solar in Perth is worth your time and investment then perhaps these incredible benefits will help convince you that now is the best time to make the commitment;

  • Solar energy is a secure investment that greatly boosts the market value of your business
  • With this investment, you can benefit from paying a one-time down payment instead of worrying about inconsistent electricity bills due to changeable electricity prices
  • Commercial solar panels provide great performance over a very long period (many solar panels come with a 25 year warranty)
  • Switching over to renewable energy helps the environment, which can also boost your business image as your customers will know you’re a company that cares

To find out more about commercial solar in Perth give us a call on 08 9200 6170 or book an online appointment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Solar WA is a solar panel company based in Perth that sells residential & commercial solar systems. Our solutions cover both energy & water heating, as well as off-grid solutions. Check out our website for great prices on solar systems.

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