Solar Panels are no Trend, Everyone is getting them installed


To describe it as simply as possible, an off grid energy system is one that does not rely on the main electrical companies today. It works by providing renewable energy obtained from the sun with the help of solar panels, inverters, controllers and battery banks.


Rather than rely on shared electricity that houses tied to the grid are doing, an off grid solution stores its excess power into batteries and taps them whenever sunlight isn’t present. This is normally done at night or during cloudy weather. Since an off grid system doesn’t depend on other power companies, this can be an amazing solution for almost anyone.


There are many households and businesses today who are turning towards renewable energy and farmers in Australia are among them. One of the main reasons for this is the growing expense when it comes to relying on traditional power solutions. A report from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia supports this statement, mentioning that a rising number of people in the agriculture industry are shifting in this direction.


Based on their findings, more than 70% of farmers nationwide are looking to engage in solar power so they can start taking back control of their energy costs. Their survey further showed that the respondents in the farming industry claimed to spend at least 11% of their money just on energy. This alone is a big concern and that is why many in the farming community are looking towards a renewable and less taxing answer.

Sustainable power is starting to become a very attractive choice for many today. Households, companies and even remote farms can start generating their own energy so they can minimise their cost while making sure that they are using a dependable source for their electricity.


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that an off grid solar power system can provide.


Become Self Sufficient by Generating Your Own Power


Nothing beats being self-sufficient in almost any aspect of life – yet this is especially true when it comes to power generation. Think about having your own power source at home that is clean, safe and can provide for all of your needs. You won’t have to continue paying the ever-increasing electricity bills of traditional power companies and you don’t need to be limited in what you can do.


Using an independent power system gives you the freedom needed to produce and utilize the energy you require.


Receive Credits from Excess Energy Shared with the Grid


People have the option to share the extra electricity generated by their solar power system to the grid. Doing so will give their credits in return which will allow them to power up their properties at night. This is perhaps the best case scenario for anyone as it lets them leverage the maximum features of solar power.


With the credits you have, you don’t have to worry about storing the excess electricity you make as these will be shared with your local power distribution companies. These entities then will give back power to you at night so you can continue taking advantage of clean energy when needed.


Have a Stable Energy Source Even Through Power Outages


People who are tied to the grid can’t do anything once their supplier experiences loss of power. They’ll have to wait and pray that electricity comes back as soon as possible. With an off grid power system, blackouts aren’t as impactful as they used to be. Residences and commercial properties can store energy into battery banks and use them whenever required. When others experience outages, you and your family can stay safe and secure.


Properties in Rural Areas Have a Better Alternative


A big concern for many people who live in remote areas is that there are many obstacles they need to get through in order to have power connected to their properties. Aside from that, this can turn out to be quite expensive especially since rural places aren’t that much supported by electricity suppliers. This is where an off grid solar power system can help.


Since this kind of setup is basically off the grid, all you have to do is to pay the initial installation and equipment needed to get started. Many people can and have saved a lot of money in this manner – which is especially true for those very far from the nearest electrical grid.


You’re Contributing Towards a Cleaner and Greener Future


Last but definitely not the least, an important benefit when you install an off grid solar system is that you’re helping keep the environment clean and green. This is perhaps one of the main reasons a lot of people have – but the savings and incentives you get over time definitely are some nice bonuses. Our world could use all the help it can have and this is one way to ensure that future generations have a ‘future’ to look forward to.


When you depend on solar energy, you’re essentially separating yourself from the companies who are releasing hazardous chemicals into our environment or are endorsing those that do.




As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that one can get when they decide to have an off grid solar power setup installed. Besides being able to power your property and acquire savings in the long run, you’re also contributing to a better future for all of us. These perks alone have started convincing many to make the switch.


Whether you’re searching for a cheaper alternative to the traditional power solutions today or want to help save the environment, an off grid power system is an ideal alternative for you. No longer will you have to depend on the electrical companies who charge a lot of money just to provide electricity.


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