Solar Panel Companies Perth

Switching over to solar energy is one of the best things you can do for your home or for your business.  Using renewable energy is great for the environment and with Australia’s sunny weather; even fully off the grid systems will work all year round.

Solar WA proudly supplies the state of Western Australia with high quality and relaible solar power solutions. One of the most dynamic solar companies in Perth we provide a wide range of products, systems, and solutions for homes and businesses that vary from small solar operated water heaters to fully equipped commercial solar systems that can range over 30KW.

We’re The Professional Solar Company You Can Trust

As one of the most trusted solar companies in Perth, our services are wide ranging so we can cater to a broad spectrum of customers. Our services include;

Small solar solutions – If you are looking for a small solar system for mobile use, camping or for decorative garden lighting, we have a wide range of solutions to meet all of your solar requirements. Take this out

Partial solar systems – Many homes and businesses prefer to do a partial switch, or Hybrid system, which involves installing a solar hot water system in order to save money. Our solar panel company in Perth can assist with all partial switches and we can best advise you on what steps to take to ensure you’re installing the right system.

Solar systems for businesses – We also provide commercial solar systems and are fully equipped and experienced for intermediate commercial solutions over 30KW. Our skilled team can call out to assess your normal rate of energy consumption and advise you which solar system would be best for your space.

Solar systems for homes – In addition to offering commercial services, we also specialise in residential solar panel installation in Perth. We offer a wide range of solar systems that vary from our 3KW solar systems to 6KW solar systems. Our home solar solutions can include any number of products you prefer or need such as solar panels, inverters, battery packs, including energy efficient products such as smart points and variable speed drives for refrigeration and pool pumps.

Professional Solar Installation Services

Our solar company in Perth doesn’t just provide high-quality products; we also offer professional solar system installation services that include all of the following;

Qualified engineers – We use qualified engineers to design solar systems that suit your home or business perfectly so you can enjoy a fully functioning system with no hiccups.

Qualified electrician – All of our installation projects are signed off by a qualified and experienced electrician who ensures that everything is installed correctly so you can enjoy a safe, high performing solar system.

Pre-approved plan – Installation are done according to a pre-approved plan so you will get exactly what you expect with no hidden cost and no unexpected surprises.

Secure Western Power – For solar systems over 30KW we provide an in-depth engineering plan that you can showcase to Western Power.

Feasibility Audit – With our feasibility audit, businesses will be provided with a full solar system design, energy usage calculations and a return on investment time frame.

For more information on solar products and systems and for installation requests you can call us on 08 9200 6170 or fill out our online form.  A solar expert will get in touch with you to answer all of your questions or we can book an appointment with you for a proper evaluation of your exact solar requirements.

Call us now and make the switch to a better and greener way of living and doing business.

Solar WA is a solar panel company based in Perth that sells residential & commercial solar systems. Our solutions cover both energy & water heating, as well as off-grid solutions. Check out our website for great prices on solar systems.

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