Professional Commercial Solar System Solutions

As well as offering a wide range of residential services, Solar WA provides WA businesses with the following commercial solar services:

  • An in-depth solar ‘feasibility’ audit that provides your business with a full solar system design, energy usage calculations and return on investment time frame.
  • Secure Western Power as well as retailer approvals.
  • Full solar system install to pre-approved plan.
  • A no deposit commercial finance option.

Commercial Solar Systems

One of the key differences between a residential solar system and a commercial solar system is a commercial system will require a feasibility audit from one of our solar experts. The feasibility audit allows Solar WA to calculate the current energy consumption vs the outputs from the recommended sized solar system to deliver the best return on investment for our customers.

Furthermore, for any solar systems that we install that are above 30kW, we will need to provide Western Power with an in-depth engineering plan. One of the key benefits of Solar WA in this area is our experience with managing many large commercial projects allowing us to take a project from initial plan to completion.

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