Frequently Asked Questions

Will a solar panel system take up a lot of space?

The amount of space that solar panels will take up will all depend on the size of the system you’re looking for. One panel can have a size of 4’ long and a width of 30”, so basically 8 of these panels can be about 24’ long but will still depend on how it is oriented.

In most cases, you shouldn’t worry too much since your roof can accommodate the size you need. At Solar WA, we’ve got experienced staff who can walk you through the entire process during the consultation.

How will I know what size of solar energy system my business is going to need?
Again, this will depend on how much of an impact your business has on the environment you’d like to change. Such answers can range from how it can affect your company socially, how you will offset your energy expenditures or whether you wish to generate sufficient power so you don’t have to rely on anyone else.
Aside from that, your facility’s size will also be taken into careful consideration. Solar WA experts will make sure that your business is thoroughly evaluated to provide you with the solar power solution that best suits your needs.
Can the installation of solar energy systems affect the value of my property?

Just like a residential solar power installation, adding your own commercial system will definitely enhance the value of your property. Your building will be more desirable if you have a solar energy system at the ready while giving you an even better investment in the long run.

When you notice that there are many establishments in Australia that are starting to incorporate green strategies and using renewable energy sources, the choice of going solar becomes easy.

How can switching to solar affect my company’s image?

Simply put, it shows everyone in Perth and its surrounding areas that your company is one that’s responsible and forward thinking. You’re demonstrating to all that you not only care for how your emissions affect the environment, but that you are dedicated to everyone’s future and you’d like to start doing your part to protect the generations to come.

In other words, you’re letting everyone know that you care.

Will my solar system be affected by shading such as those from trees?
The most ideal scenario is one where your solar panels won’t be obstructed by anything that gives off shade between 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Our experts are going to visit your location and perform an initial evaluation to see if your roof has too much shading. Whatever the case, this is perhaps one of our priorities that we consider first when conducting a feasibility audit on a business.
At Solar WA, we’ve got the solutions you need to get the best commercial solar panels that you need at this time. Our years of experience in the industry allows us to give you the best advice and products that can help you make the most out of your investment.
If you’d like to know more about our solar power solutions, contact us today!