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We help businesses get started with solar power solutions that cut down the long term costs by reducing the power bills. Knowing where you can save with your budget gives you more control. The best part is that our commercial solar panels and power solutions are tax deductible giving you a return on investment at tax time and still saving power each and every single month. This is one of those aha moments that we see from business owners all the time when we explain just how much solar power systems can impact a business there is a moment of realisation where the savings become clear.
Naturally, some of the first things people can think about when it comes to saving money and making their business run more efficiently is by making changes internally. But consider going natural with solar panels powering your business electricity requirements and saving money at the same time.
This is where commercial solar panels come into play.

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Solar Panels for Commercial Premises Show You Are Socially Responsible

As mentioned earlier, customers are more aware to companies that are actively cutting down on their emissions and carbon footprint. With solar panels, you’re able to demonstrate transparency to everyone that your commitment to sustainable energy is genuine. Aside from that, you’re also lending your hand to the local economy as you’ll be getting help from a solar panel specialist to have your system installed and ready to start saving your business money from the first month.

Solar WA’s Smart Commercial Solar System Solutions

Perth based Solar Power industry specialists Solar WA Pty Ltd, offer a solid range of solar related products, services and solutions.

How Commercial Solar Panel Systems Can Help Your Business

Cost Reduction

Initiatives and efforts that aren’t going to save you any money are basically pointless to do. A lot of companies realize that they could’ve saved 15 to 25 percent on after-tax expenses which can reach thousands of dollars annually.
Based on a recent study, most commercial property owners spend around $3,000 every month on electricity bills alone. This figure dropped to about a fifth once they started to switch to solar power for commercial purposes. The money that you save every month can be returned to the business to help it grow and expand!

Financial Stability

The expenditures that come with energy use grow practically on a yearly basis. This fact alone means that it will eventually wreak havoc on those working within a budget. With the sun available for free and by using photovoltaic panels, you don’t have to be at the mercy of those companies in the energy industry anymore. The great thing about going solar nowadays is that its cost has gone down a lot since its first inception.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The customers of today are starting to demand that businesses become more responsible environmentally. The good news is that commercial solar panels can help you meet this requirement and more. Even installing a small system can significantly lower your CO2 emissions and also allowing you to promote your company as an environment-friendly establishment.

Better Energy Production

Once it has been installed, a solar panel system will require minimal maintenance every now and then. You will have to perform yearly cleaning on it in order to ensure that all of your panels are at peak efficiency and producing energy at the best of their abilities. Quality business solar power systems are capable of reaching as much as 40 years if handled well.

Solar WA Provides First Class Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning 

We at Solar WA offer you the flexibility you need to provide you with the commercial solar panels your business needs right now. Whether you’re a small business that simply needs 6KW of energy or a building owner that needs more than 30KW, we’ve got you covered. It is our greatest pride as experts in the solar industry to say that we are completely capable and experienced in handling any solar project from start to finish.
As commercial solar systems provider in Perth, we will conduct an audit on your establishment to let us calculate the energy consumption you have currently and give you the best solar system recommendation. What’s even better is that we will even provide you with a return of investment time frame that will help you see the future using clean energy.
This feasibility audit is going to make it a lot easier for your business to know what the costs will be for you and when you can expect positive returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a solar panel system take up a lot of space?

The amount of space that solar panels will take up will all depend on the size of the system you’re looking for. One panel can have a size of 4’ long and a width of 30”, so basically 8 of these panels can be about 24’ long but will still depend on how it is oriented.

In most cases, you shouldn’t worry too much since your roof can accommodate the size you need. At Solar WA, we’ve got experienced staff who can walk you through the entire process during the consultation.

How will I know what size of solar energy system my business is going to need?
Again, this will depend on how much of an impact your business has on the environment you’d like to change. Such answers can range from how it can affect your company socially, how you will offset your energy expenditures or whether you wish to generate sufficient power so you don’t have to rely on anyone else.
Aside from that, your facility’s size will also be taken into careful consideration. Solar WA experts will make sure that your business is thoroughly evaluated to provide you with the solar power solution that best suits your needs.
Can the installation of solar energy systems affect the value of my property?

Just like a residential solar power installation, adding your own commercial system will definitely enhance the value of your property. Your building will be more desirable if you have a solar energy system at the ready while giving you an even better investment in the long run.

When you notice that there are many establishments in Australia that are starting to incorporate green strategies and using renewable energy sources, the choice of going solar becomes easy.

How can switching to solar affect my company’s image?

Simply put, it shows everyone in Perth and its surrounding areas that your company is one that’s responsible and forward thinking. You’re demonstrating to all that you not only care for how your emissions affect the environment, but that you are dedicated to everyone’s future and you’d like to start doing your part to protect the generations to come.

In other words, you’re letting everyone know that you care.

Will my solar system be affected by shading such as those from trees?
The most ideal scenario is one where your solar panels won’t be obstructed by anything that gives off shade between 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Our experts are going to visit your location and perform an initial evaluation to see if your roof has too much shading. Whatever the case, this is perhaps one of our priorities that we consider first when conducting a feasibility audit on a business.
At Solar WA, we’ve got the solutions you need to get the best commercial solar panels that you need at this time. Our years of experience in the industry allows us to give you the best advice and products that can help you make the most out of your investment.
If you’d like to know more about our solar power solutions, contact us today!