Solar Panels for Home

Get Your Own Home Solar Panel System

Imagine being able to save money on your home electricity bill each month. How good would that be for your household finances, really good and its possible by using solar panels to power your home. Take the power of the sun and convert that solar energy into electricity to use within your house.

A green power alternative that allows you to use the power that you have converted as your power source without drawing from the main power grid like everyone else.

We have helped thousands of homes add solar panels and make efficient use of natural power. The key benefit is using green power and the add on benefits are that you save money on your electricity bill by not using the main grid power. This is a win-win for every household using solar panel power.



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High-Quality Household Solar Panels

One of the key differences between residential solar panel systems is the size and power requirements. Some homes run a lot of appliances and devices that are power hungry or just have so many of them running at once, this bumps up the power requirement of the household.

When you have a proper assessment of your house to see if you have any real big changes before going solar is a look at the amount of power being used and by what is using the bulk of the power.


Professional Installed Residential Solar Panel Solutions

Solar WA Pty Ltd, based centrally in Perth, offers a range of solar related products and services for solar Perth.

Household Solar Systems

As well as offering a wide range of residential services, Solar WA provides affordable solar services for anyone wanting to power their home:

  • An in-depth solar ‘feasibility’ audit that provides your business with a full solar system design, energy usage calculations and return on investment time frame.
  • Secure Western Power as well as retailer approvals.
  • Full solar system install to pre-approved plan.
  • Finance available for anyone needing assistance some terms and conditions apply.

Panels Designed & Fitted to Match Your Homes Look

You shouldn’t settle for big bulky solar panels that don’t match your homes look and feel, this is one of the considerations we make when doing the assessment of your home for solar power eligibility do we have something that matches or will work with this design.

We do stock a large range of varying panels for all types of buildings but we will still need to check that we can make our panel installation match your homes look and feel. If you have something special in the looks department and want to ask about a custom request you can do that just give us a call and we can go over the finer details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install solar panels on a double storey house?

Yes, we can install solar panels on a double storey house or rooftop of an apartment block. Some approvals may be needed if it is a shared apartment block.

Is solar energy the future?

We can not predict the future but we do want solar energy to be a more mainstream option for people who are wanting renewable energy as a power source. 


Are the solar panels out kids reach?

This is a common question, people are worried about the solar panels and power box being accessible to small children and the answer is no the panels should not be within your children’s reach, they will be positioned on the rooftop.

The power inverter will need to stored somewhere close by and out of the way, it comes in a protective cover and can be locked if required.

Can the solar panels be positioned on the side of the house?

While we want to try to accommodate all requests we can not do this unless the assessment of your property defines that the side of your house is the best position for the solar panels to get the solar power. In most cases the panels will need to be fixed to the rooftop.