Solar WA Customer Reviews

Having established ourselves as one of the leading solar system suppliers in Perth and WA, we have acquired a lot of very happy customers. Please click the 3rd party Solar Quotes badge below to see how we have managed to already achieve a Silver Rated Supplier Level.






Detailed below is their genuine feedback and review of the service that Solar WA provides.

Of the 3 companies sourced from this website, Rhett from Solar WA was the 2nd caller however the 1st to quote onsite. His was the best price from the word go and also came down in price voluntarily to seal the deal. I contacted 2 x other companies and one was the same, the other not even close.

The was a small issue in that all 24 panels were to be installed on both north facing roof aspects, however this was not viable due to roof design and 11 panels were installed on the west aspect as well. Not a big deal simply evens out power output over the day.

Due to the double story construction of the house the inverter cable run to the garage was not able to be achieved so inverter was installed outside above power meter box. They are returning to fit a cover to shield the inverter from the sun.

Installation was almost immediate. Installation was only a few days after submitting paperwork to Western Power.

SOLAR WA was prompt, priced very well, a team of 3 installers on the day, arrived on time, installed in one day. Its the middle of winter and on sunny days averaged 22 k/w and cloudy days 14/kw on a 5k/w fronius inverter and 24 x panels 270w canadian 6.5 k/w ratings.

I can recommend this company.

Thanks to the information made available by Solar WA I was able to go through the process with sufficient confidence that I understood what system would best suit my needs and from reading the various reviews, I had a good idea of what type of inverters and panels were available. Prior to getting quotes I had already decided upon a system that would include a Fronius 5kW inverter and tier one panels. Solar WA provided me with a very competitive quote for the Fronius inverter and JA Solar panels (16 x 320kW). Rhett from Solar WA was very helpful and friendly team who installed the system did an excellent job and were very tidy. They were also happy to answer several questions I had in the following days. Thanks Solar WA for making the process a smooth and stress-free experience.

Thanks very much for your professional service from sales to installation of the solar panel system, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and family.

Mark Watzek, 21 Aug 2016

Thanks for doing the install so promptly and looks a fantastic job. Much appreciated. I am tracking our inverter through to my IPhone. Thanks

Terry Cooke, 15 Aug 2016

Rhett was super efficient, the turnaround from signing to having a solar system installed and feeding back to the grid was blindingly fast. The installers were professional and knowledgeable. Early days so hopefully the system serves me well. I have observed 4100w output on a clear winter day which was very impressive.

Daniel, 27 June 2016

Rhett made it easy to understand how it all worked, would recommend to anyone looking for solar

Shane Grey, 23 June 2016

Extremely happy with the system thus far.

Frank Casella, 24 May 2016

Very fast delivery and installation, . I’m overall very happy with it so far. All questions answered straight away and they placed the inverter where I wanted it. 100% happy.

Darryl Carter, 20 May 2016

It can be hard to tell what your inverter and panels will be like in the mid range market. There seems to be lots of reviews on the high end gear I went for the Bosh inverter that was being offered I knew it was not top end but the price seemed fair and it looks good and is functioning well. The overall experience was good.

Anon, 18 May 2016