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Solar WA Pty Ltd, based centrally in Perth, offer a range of solar related products and services. The core focus of Solar WA is solar panels, solar storage systems, solar system engineering design, utility approval, solar installation service for both residential customers and commercial businesses.


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Our Difference SolarWA 

A core value for us has been to help our customer maximise the return they receive from our products, which is why all Solar WA products have been fully checked, tested and designed to minimise costs.

The team at Solar WA always look to get our customers the best return on investment on all solar systems we install. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and as such we always provide the top of the line, well-tested solar products at affordable prices. What makes us one of Perth’s favorite solar experts is that our price will not be beaten. If you have a quote, Solar WA will beat it. 

Professional Residential Solar System Solutions

Solar WA, Perth based professionals in all matter solar power, offer a range of solar related products and services for generating solar power.








5kw Solar System Perth

Our modern 5KW solar systems consist of 15 – 20 solar panels. You need between 20 to 40 m2 of roof space or clear ground area for the installation of this type of unit. It is also important for your panels to be installed in the location where the panels will receive the most direct sunlight for the longest period of time and there should be no obstacles to block off sunlight to the panels.

The 5kW solar power system in Perth has the lowest investment cost compared to performance, which is exactly why so many homeowners love this particular system.




Buying a 5kW Solar System

Solar systems are the way forward in terms of energy and home and business owners all over Australia are starting to realise the many benefits that come with making the switch to solar.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Solar WA is what the capabilities of our different solar systems are. One of our most popular packages with Perth customers is the 5KW solar system for all of the following reasons;

Affordable price – The system is great value for money, as the energy that’s generated by a 5kW solar power system in Perth is significant.

Incredibly durable – Solar WA only supply the best and highest quality solar panels, which result in a 5kW solar system that is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

Good financial returns – This solar system offers amazing financial returns when you compare general electricity prices to the price of the solar unit and the repay period.

Suitable for most households – This is one of the most popular solar systems with Australian homeowners. It is mostly preferred by average-sized households or small businesses as it might be a bit small for larger households or for households with a high energy consumption level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about 5kW systems

Perth enjoys sun energy for an average of 8.8 hours a day but solar panels only receive peak sun levels for about 4.5 hours a day. If your 5kW solar system operates at 85% efficiency can generate as much as 26kWh per day which is perfect for most households. It is, however, important to remember that the average energy generated during winter is much lower due to the cooler temperature and rainy weather.

How much power can I expect to generate?

If your solar system has an overall efficiency of 80% on average you should be able to harness 12.8kWh per day. It is, however, important to take note that weather conditions can affect the performance of your solar panels. In rainy or cloudy weather your panels won’t be able to perform as well and, in winter months, the daily capabilities are also reduced due to lower temperatures.

How big is the 5kW solar panel system?

Our modern 5KW solar systems consist of 15 – 20 solar panels. You need between 20 to 40 m2 of roof space or clear ground area for the installation of this type of unit.

How can I select a reputable solar retailer?

Solar WA is a solar panel company based in Perth that sells residential & commercial solar systems. Our solutions cover both energy & water heating, as well as off-grid solutions. Check out our website for great prices on solar systems.

Why Choose Solar WA?

Why Choose Solar WA?

Is solar power safe?
Do solar panels work at night or during cloudy weather?

Upon installation, our fully accredited electrician will complete the install in full from wiring to connecting the inverters. Ensuring your solar system is installed by a fully accredited engineer is essential to ensure quality work is performed.

Is the 5kW solar system best for me?

Solar WA has the best 5kw solar systems that money can buy and we also have all the expertise on hand to install your system professionally. Our engineers can do a feasibility audit to establish your exact energy requirement before installation, as doing so will give us more insight into whether a 5kw solar system is the right option for you.