Solar Power Industry Updates

When Will Tesla’s Solar Roof Make It’s Australian Debut?

Tesla, founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk, is one of the most well known solar companies in the world today. The company is most famous for its solar powered vehicles, which have defied all expectations in becoming popular and economically viable alternatives to fuel powered cars over the last few years. The next step ...

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Solar Panels For Your Commercial Business: A Big Tax Upside

In 2017 solar energy systems and solar panels have been booming in Australia, in particular over here in Western Australia. We are seeing a major uptick in residential homes taking advantage of the cheaper solar technology and our brilliant weather to reduce their energy bills while also adding long term value to their properties. Recently we ...

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What Sized Solar Energy System Do I need For My Home?

The team at Solar WA are often asked really insightful questions when a customer is looking to make the switch to solar for their homes. A question we get time and time again is “What Sized Solar Energy System Do I need For My Home?”. Today we want to address this, explaining how we can ...

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Which Are The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In 2017?

In Australia we have seen significant developments in the solar energy industry with costs of the latest technology coming down to record affordability levels, while the efficiency of these panels is steadily improving, meaning greater savings. While we stay up to date on all the latest solar tech talk, we often get asked which are ...

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Battery Storage To Reshape Residential Solar Energy Systems For WA

Here at Solar WA we are fully focused on the solar technology market, but we always have an eye into the future, looking at the latest innovations, reports and ideas coming from around the world. In our marketplace, nothing stands still for very long and the changing landscape of solar tech is what makes it ...

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How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

As one of the leaders in solar energy systems in Perth, WA we get this question often, and that is “so how do solar energy systems actually work”. While many people know in very basic terms that the solar panels convert the sun’s rays into energy to power your home or business, many people ...

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What Are The Key Benefits Of Solar Energy

Solar energy has been a highly popular sustainable energy source over the last few decades, however it is probably only during the last 5 years the technology has become advanced and affordable enough that more people are able to invest in solar technology. In the most basic terms, solar energy systems simply harness the sun’s ...

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Living In Western Australia? 5 Reasons To Go Solar in 2016

Solar energy systems for both residential and commercial purposes are often in the forefront of people’s minds, due to the great amount of sun we receive in Perth and regional Western Australia every year. In recent years we have seen the solar market explode as the solar technology continues to improve, while also becoming ...

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