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One of the key differences between a residential solar system and a commercial solar system is a commercial system will require a feasibility audit from one of our solar experts. The feasibility audit allows Solar WA to calculate the current energy consumption vs the outputs from the recommended sized solar system to deliver the best return on investment for our customers.

Furthermore, for any solar systems that we install that are above 30kW, we will need to provide Western Power with an in-depth engineering plan. One of the key benefits of Solar WA in this area is our experience with managing many large commercial projects allowing us to take a project from initial plan to completion.


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Highly Rated Professional Solar Company

We are firm believers in good decent customer service, providing value to people who take the time to work with us in making their home or business more energy efficient. It’s this kind of attitude that has seen Solar WA become the highest rated Solar Company in Perth with many reviews across all of the platforms that we promote our business.

That might not get you as excited as it gets our team here but it really is a testament to the quality of work that we put out and the client experience that we provide from first contact to fully installed and finishing it off with a handshake on a good job completed. Shop with confidence that you are buying solar products from a professional solar company.

Quality Solar Power System Solutions

Solar WA Pty Ltd, based centrally in Perth, offer a range of solar related products and services for solar Perth.

Diverse Range of Solar Panel Installations

The type of solar panel that you will see will vary from just being a squarish shape on your roof some solar companies will use one style but can’t cover those requests for Pole rigged solar panels or tricky rooftop installations.

Our aim with every solar system that we install is to maximise the collection of solar energy, to cover the right areas where we can get the most solar power and to make the area we work in somewhat still attractive to the eye.

We do have different styles of solar panels and each comes with its own specifications and attributes. If you do require a certain look and feel you can speak to our solar consultants for a more customised solution.

Working Solar Done Right First Time

You want a done for you solar power system that works and doesn’t need to be realigned the week after you have had it installed or have a panel replaced in 6 months because of made up words.

We do this all day every week, we see the shonky jobs and how much work it can be for everyone involved and we prefer to get it done in one. Once we have assessed the space where the solar panels will be positioned we will know what to look for, how to position the panels and what room we have to work with.

The key is to provide a finished product that gets the results that you wanted when you started looking for a solar panel in the first place. Leave the installation to us and we will make sure we have minimal disruption to you, your home or workplace and to the areas that we need access to. Before we leave you can rest assured we have tested the system and it is working. Still not sold on Solar WA as your solar panel provider? give us a call and put our knowledge to the test, we know our market and we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solar Power?

Solar energy comes from the sun and is a renewable source of energy that is environmentally safe and more cost-effective than traditional electricty. 

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

The actual cost will depend on your house or building and how many panels you need. Also how much power you use and the size you will need for example 5kW system

How many devices you have that require power and how much per device size a fridge compared to an alarm clock is very different in power requirements.

How much money will I save with solar panels?

In most cases, you will save money on your power bill, if you have the right assessment in the first place. How we stand out in the market is by giving you a proper assessment before we install any panels. This way we know you are covered on your minimum power requirement so that you will save money.

Is solar power safe?

Solar energy is not the same as electricity. The solar power is collected on your buildings roof and power reserves managed by the power inverter. You shouldn’t try to physically touch the solar energy and just leave the system alone to do what it’s designed to do and that is collect power.

Do solar panels work at night or during cloudy weather?

They do although the sun may not be shining bright there are still the right elements that help to power the solar energy system giving you full coverage of power even if the sun is hiding behind some clouds.

Solar Companies have a bad wrap how are you different?

We use experienced professionals to handle the sales and to do the installation. You can see our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Solar industry sites like SolarQuotes and AustralianSolarQuotes. We deliver on what we agree to and do it with excellent customer service.