Home Solar Panel System Will Save You Money

Did you know that it’s possible to lower your electricity bills and turn your house into a more energy efficient home with a 5kW solar panel system?


In the past few years, these 5kW solar panels have seen a huge decrease in cost as its competition in various markets has increased. There are many factors that contributed to this which includes the new government incentives and the growing amount of solar panel providers.


Although a variety of sizes are available for residential solar panels today, one of the most sought after choices is the 5kW system. The ideal price to power ratio it offers has made it quite popular. As a result, the market for this type of solar panel has opened up a range of options to choose from, depending on what people need.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a 5kW Solar Panel System?


The price of your solar panel system will depend on the size and power output it is capable of. For a 5kW solar system, you can expect an average price of around $5,000 once it is fully installed. The cost associated with it will also depend on the installer you’ve chosen so keep that in mind.


What are the Benefits of a 5kW Solar Energy System?


Generally speaking, there are numerous advantages when you decide to go solar than other energy sources out there. We’ve outlined below some of the important reasons why these units are far more beneficial to get nowadays:


  • You can pay back the entire cost of a 5kW solar system in as little as 3-4 years.
  • You don’t have to pay for maintenance or other ongoing costs. You can choose to have it cleaned whenever needed but not for a long time.
  • You’re guaranteed a life span of at least 25 years, but some systems can last up to 40.
  • Having a 5kW energy system installed in your home will add up to its overall value.
  • Households with a 5kW system can go off-grid or self-sufficient if they want to.


Size and Power Output of the 5kW Solar Panel System


A 5kW solar panel system’s potential to produce power is enough to meet the needs of a big home in Australia. It is capable of generating as much as 20 kWh each day and can produce about 4,500 kWh of electricity in a year.


There are 20 solar panels installed in a 5kW solar system taking into the assumption that all of them has 250W. You can expect the size of each panel to be around 1.6 m x 1m, which is about 32 m² of roof space required to fit in this system.

What are the Factors That Affect Power Output?


Although it’s possible to get an estimate of the power output a 5kW solar system can give, there are still several factors to remember that would certainly affect it. These can be in the form of:


Location – although Australia is quite sunny geographically speaking, the solar radiation available on each area is different and this will basically define the overall output for your system.

Shade – you’ll need to have your solar panels installed where it will collect the most sunlight as it will significantly lower its power output if it is in a shaded place.

Tilt and Orientation – every 5kW solar panel array should have this set up properly because ultimately, your output is going to depend heavily on whether or not the sun hits your panels as intensely as it should be.

Quality – not all brands create equal components so you can expect some to work better than others.

Cleanliness – anything that is obstructing your solar panels, such as with dust or foliage, can put a dent on the overall power output of your system.




As you can see, getting a good quality 5kW solar panel system for your home is now a possibility. Acquiring solar power for your residence can let you lower your energy bills for years to come while giving you more flexibility and independence when it comes to electricity.


Aside from that, you’re also contributing to a greener future for generations to come. Imagine taking a huge chunk of money away from the coal industry of our nation – contributing in a major way to the future of renewable energy in Australia. This is one of the reasons why many people are turning towards the sun when it comes to their electricity needs.


Being one of the top rated solar companies in Western Australia today, we at Solar WA can provide you with the best 5kW solar panels that you need for your household. We can guarantee that all of our equipment is of the highest quality and will keep delivering its benefits for a long time.

Learn more about our 5kW Solar Power Systems.


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