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One of the most prominent trendsetters of solar power in the US, California once again hit the headlines when it announced that it will require homes built in the year 2020 and onward to use energy coming from the sun.


This new law came into effect after it was voted unanimously by the California Building Standards Commission. Several people of interest praised this new code as a role model for the entire nation to pursue. Kent Sasaki, who was among the commissioners who voted, said that the added provisions are historic for the country and will definitely pave the way for other states.


At this time, approximately 15% of households in the state are using solar panels. But as it is starting to push towards lowering its greenhouse gas emissions – especially with the goal of a 2045 full transition to renewable energy – the new ruling is expected to accelerate its progress. What makes solar panels great is that besides being energy efficient, they are also contributing to the reduction of ozone-damaging emissions. The latter comes mostly from electricity generated from natural gas.

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Above: Roof-mounted solar panels complement the design of this Palo Alto home.

Many experts believe that solar power will benefit homeowners in the long run. Although they might experience a higher upfront cost, the energy bill savings for the long term will pretty much be worth it. Reports suggest that as much as $19,000 in energy expenditure can be expected in over 30 years while another states that this could possibly reach at least $50,000 in savings for a 25-year period.


This new change in building code is seemingly a big step that moves consumers away from the centralised powers. Just like how the phone monopoly many years ago was broken up – allowing users to select providers and compare rates – these changes on how energy is being delivered gives consumers more control on what they can have. We are really excited at how this will trickle down to other states and even countries it is an exciting time for green energy companies and residential home owners.


These goals have further been supported with the introduction of smart meters which assist in controlling total consumption. It also allowed the choosing of electricity providers in various areas. By combining this with residential solar energy and its storage, households can even aspire to become self-sufficient altogether.

California Continues to Pave the Way for Solar Energy Innovation


By 2017’s end, California was a step ahead of the other states when it comes to installed solar capacity. Around 16 percent of the electricity here comes from solar power with more than 86,000 employees in the industry.


With these new codes, builders will have to start making one of two choices. Either they create individual homes that have solar panels present or they set up a solar-powered system that is shared to support multiple households. With regards to solar panels on the roof, the equipment can be owned directly with the price included together with the home or are leased out to the homeowners. This new requirement is expected to add approximately $8,000 to about $12,000 to the initial cost for a house.


For many residential homeowners who plan to take on a 30-year mortgage, it is estimated that around $40 are added to the average monthly payment but will also save them at least $80 on the lighting, cooling and heating bills per month.


Right now California has an average of 80,000 newly made homes each year with around 15,000 of these with solar installations. With the rate of home building at this time, this new requirement will boost roof solar energy by as much as 44 percent.


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