Go with Green Power


The power that can be obtained from the sun is known as solar energy. As human beings, we are able to harness this by using technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells which converts sunlight into electricity.


A simple definition of the “photovoltaic effect” is this: when sunshine meets with the PV cell, its photons of light stimulates the electrons found in it and causes them to flow which then generates electric power.


Many homeowners in Western Australia are installing solar panels Perth on their rooftops looking to benefit from the clean, renewable energy that is there for the taking.


So why should you bother going solar? What are the benefits that you can get?

Let’s take a look at these top motivations why homeowners and even businesses should look to investing in Perth solar panels today.

Significantly Reduces Your Power Bill


We’ve all experienced that awful feeling when you start to rip open your power bill straight from your mailbox. How much is it going to cost this time? Was I able to budget it the way I wanted it to be?


With the right solar power system in place, this tension that you feel every month will be put to rest once and for all. An expert Perth solar panel company can work with the unique needs and wants of each household, ensuring that their solar energy system is designed to maximise their savings.

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You Get to Generate Your Own Power


Renewable energy coming from the sun shines down upon your home each and every day. This is especially true here in Australia.


When you install solar PV panels on your rooftop, you can take advantage of this clean power and generate your own electricity which your household can use any time.


What makes this sort of deal great is that any surplus power will be fed back into the grid. Depending on how you’ve used it, you can be credited in return for the power you’ve given back.

You’re Contributing Towards a Sustainable Future


Getting your solar panels Perth installed in your home is an ideal way to start investing for a sustainable future. By starting even in your own house, you can show everyone that you actually care in minimizing your home’s carbon footprint as much as possible. In fact, even just having a small 1kW solar system installed can stop as much as 1.5 tonnes of carbon each year.

It’s Not As Pricey As You Might Think


Compared to how solar power systems were ten years ago, the cost needed to have your own solar panels today has lowered dramatically. Thanks to a highly competitive market and the global push to drive the prices on renewable energy down, this industry in Australia is now experiencing a boom unlike any other.


What makes it even more appealing in our country is that there are also government incentives that you can benefit from such as Feed-in Tariffs and STCs. These two alone can add up and help you save thousands of dollars throughout the lifespan of your solar panel system.

Investing in Solar Energy is for Keeps


The time you switch on your solar power system is the time you start saving money. However, the benefits that come with solar will continue to run years into the future. Truly, the longer you have your system up and running, the more benefits you get to enjoy.


In fact, the majority of Perth solar panels will pay for themselves within five years while adding value to your home.

There’s Always Room for Expansion


If you decide to install a smaller system, for now, you won’t get punished for it down the road. A reliable Perth solar panel company can provide you with options to expand your existing solar electricity system whenever needed. Many offer a selection of expandable systems that have the potential to scale with the needs of a household or business.

It’s Not a Niche Anymore


Back in 2013, more than a million Australian homes were expected to have their homes fitted with their own solar PV panels. This number continues to grow and truly goes to show that solar power isn’t a niche anymore.


Putting the solar energy that we have from the sun to good use can be very beneficial for many homes in Western Australia today. Unfortunately, the reports on electric power’s cost are only headed one way, and that’s up. Perhaps it’s time for you to look into what solar power can do for your needs.


At Solar WA, we’ve got the experts who can help you decide whether Perth solar panels are the right choice (although it usually is). Let us know what your needs and preferences are by contacting us today. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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